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vember 22d he was placed upon small quantities of pan-

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reversing it, he could then feel the end of the instrument just

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an untiring and conscientious worker, never sparing him-

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'Just smile and he'll think we know what we're doing."

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which had extended along the lymphatics of the sub-

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sites have been traced mainly to the genus Coccidium.

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Hon. Physician, Victoria Hospital, Folkestone. London :

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curate skiascopy. Ophth. Rec, Chicago, 1898, vii. 595-

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slippery elm, and to take nothing else upon his stomach, either

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since the period when Laennec first drew the special attention of

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who cut up innumerable corpses in order to investigate nature and

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hours, and if the clot is found adhering to the sides, to

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had suffered from quarter-ill can be consumed by man, dogs,

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emetic. It readily diffuses into the blood. It diminishes the number

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of the air-passages by the hydrochlorate of ammonia, used in the

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into the ciiculating fluid of the body. This is a point

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nition when presented to the Secretary of the State Board of Health in a

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The duration of this progressive disease varies from six months to

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Fifth Animal Meeting, held at the Arlington Hotel, Wash-

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them as to their contents and solubility. They varied

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son, Wilson Murray, Thomas H. Landor, Charles A. Cattermole,

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western end of the camp. This consists of eight separate chambers

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and excited when roused ; respiration 24, pulse 110 ; is pale. Passed urine

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their solidity and hardness, which had been dissolved by the "same vitiated quality of the

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of potassium permanganate. Margarucci mentions a case of gas-

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rescence studies for immune complexes were not done.

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Valentin's, who showed that, even in the short space

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tions of blanched and caved-in cheeks, bleared and bloodshotten eyes, limp

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This haemorrhage was repeated about six weeks later, when

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placed in the lithotomy position, the parts cleansed and shaven.

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considered erroneous or unfair to pass unchallenged.

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together ; they readily pass the disease one to the

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tenths of a degree below and above 37^ but it never exceeded 37'4°.

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of Indian corn, but most connnonly they were the seeds

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tion of an organ is proportional to the intensity of its exertion," it

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The Regular Monthly Meetings of the Medical Society of the

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the nervous affections of females, and especially in nervous head-aches,