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peculiarly pious journal, now lying before us, \i'e find advertisements,

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loma, Licence, or Degree, together with proof of being twenty-one

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Among other events of the year which bear on the work of our Sec-

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week, a large number of cases has been recorded ; and the next,

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that they were opposed to religion. That University had been placed,

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''"'^I'j" symptoms would lead you to diagnose the death of the child? How

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ment to be adopted in such a case, and the prob.ibIe result of the injury. 2. A

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officer is not required to inform himself of the health or disease of the

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whereas it is found that under the present regulations of the University

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larger quantity than before. The swelling of the legs slowly increased.

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ligatures, and the ends fixed to the studs of the framework, the ligatures

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the Association in any Bill which may be brought before Parliament ;

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catchment basins of rivers which seasonally flood their banks, are real

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Surgery, Midwifery, Medical Jurisprudence, General Pathology or

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tical guidance of Dr. W. Farr, can scarcely be over-estimated. The

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mentaiy Botany : Mr. Trotter, Trinity. C)n Physiology : The Trinity

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occurred, are too fresh in every one's mind to need reference here. On

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STAFFORDSHIRE LUNATIC ASYLUM, Stafford— Assistant Medical Officer.

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Commission would be pleased to examine a member of this Association,

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the iSth instant.— Mr. Lawson, the Professor of Botany, commenced his

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and train of the field-hospital go on to join their corps again.