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the superior extending to the bifurcation of the primitive iliac, and the inferior,

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experiments concerning the functions of the nervous system, the

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by the hyo- or pharyngeo-epiglottidean folds placed on each side of

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The opinion that yellow fever is communicated by contagion, now scarcely

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vousness, irritability, backache, headache, fatigue from

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the underlying cause must be treated. Some benefit may

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arrival of shipping from abroad.^ But nothing is made known.

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toms of gall-stones may be mechanical or infective, or

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cavity of the pericardium; a small quantity of bloody fluid escaped. After

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the waters of Lake Tuskawilla, perhaps a mile in length, near the post of Micanopy, sud-

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it will become apparent what means are available for the correction

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hot season. The latter attacks strangers, the former those

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less persuaded that compression of the aorta has been and will be of real service;

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In harmony with this hypothesis. Dr. Maudsley defines

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white crust resembling arsenic, but it proved to be phosphate of lime car-

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By Jonathan Hutchinson. — These notes are entirely of a

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purulent matter, which continued occasionally for two or three days.

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tions, like those of the lungs, are less dependent on mere variations of tempe-

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tomy of the internal rectus are now extremely rare ; and the

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For soft corns, wash and dry the feet and apply to the ]

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the lazaret, and about two hundred yards distant from it, in a

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ing the climate of a locality, as the geological formation, the nature of the

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the decomposition of peroxide of barium, by means of hydrochloric

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of change in one is of necessity to imply change in the other. . . .

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whether we adopt two or ten grains as the minimum. If patients survive, the

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peculiar to their country.'^ As an excuse for them he refers to