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it was sometimes the one and sometimes the other. In a preparation which he

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together, and, with a strong decoction of sassafras,

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tends. My eye reaches to the stars ; my ears to the

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with office, refer applicants to it for examination.

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The effect of hyperacidity of the contents on the emptying of the

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that the ra|)idity of the aboorptioti from the periton«-al

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red. The doctor then ordered me to the hills at Malvern, where

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is the one which is least likely to be deranged by the presence

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a considerable influence, in modi^ing not only the impression made

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According to Dr. Bryan Robinson, of this city, the perspiration

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should not deter us from using them, but on the contrary, should stimulate us

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procee&in96 ot tbe IRov^al Society of riDeMciue.

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1903 b. — Idem. [Reviewed bv R. 0. Neumann] <Munchen. med. Wchnschr.,

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since more accurately investigated, and it has been shown

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this district there was faecal material exposed only a short distance from

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perspires freely, gets lame on one leg seemingly unable

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alveolar abscess drained, without relief. The tonsils were enlarged, and

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the operation, the wound was covered with a diphtheritic

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points on the chest corresponding with the disturbance which the clots

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home for unmarried expectant modiers), while endo-oterine puer-

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which he discussed at some length the new treatment with oxy-

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mated population of 9,244,099, for the week ending August 27th,

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remain healthy ; unless the dilatation of the ventricles be so great,

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We coincide with the author as to the importance of frequently repeated examination

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just referred to, a weaker accessory current is transmitted through the

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troscopists, each bottle being of equal thickness. He

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previously enjoyed. But so long as it was in his power to get into

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somewhat soluble in acetone or ethyl acetate, sparingly in alcohol or

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keep up the discharge, the more stimulating unguents may be

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different clinical forms of peritonitis even into septic and

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