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linghausen a fibrous mass the size of an egg containing caseous foci was
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Surgeon A. Crlq>ell, U.8.Y., has returned fK>m leave af absence, and
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at our railway stations arising from the hoodwinked
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aibundance and an outbreak being reported ; the author was called
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Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1886. He was appointed
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ffcrative, in order to save the patient's life for instance,
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calculus (Schuppel). In experimental tuberculosis in the Algerian ]at
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medical institutions of the city. The address of the President
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of this "group agglutination," in which case it concerns the actual new for-
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a packet of " Hunter's infallible vermin and insect destroyer," for the purpose
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diseased structures, simple osteotomy, for correcting the deformity,
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life would probably have been prolonged by the operation.
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ties. With the inferior animals in which the number of organs is very limited,
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corps man is to render first aid ; m time of war it becomes his most
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this world, to have a great good without some danger of evil arising
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The American Gastro-Enterological Association will hold its
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into the trachea which had been pushed aside. Sudden death
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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.
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It would not be well here to discuss the precise turn
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who was infested with the parasite, when on pulling
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close the wound without having done the least mischief. By the use of the
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muscle, a thick layer of fat, and through the integuments. 13 As a
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respiratory tract should be especially careful to avoid exposure to wet and
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complete anuria, but more usually only by a considerable dimi-
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the physical prostration, and that this reduction promotes the
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have some aid in locating obstruction in the esoph-