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striking, and to the point. It is stated in the preface that the sub.

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power in restoring the tone of the blood vessels in the affected

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limb warm. Iodide of potash in three to five grain doses may be

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early stage. Thus, an ataxic patient finds his difficulty in walking

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disabled men are to be conveyed, so that they may be conveyed

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Formerly Medical Superintendent, Indiana Hospital for Insane Criminals.

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for the rapid dehydrating of the typhoidin powder to a constant weight,

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passage, or waiting twelve to twenty-four hours before

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from this trauma. Other vulvar diseases, such as chancroid,

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being absent. The issuing 7th nerve-trunk was not, however, com-

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of fruit, and not without reason. How agreeable to the

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monia, we are compelled to rest mainlj upon our physi-

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of the larynx is an occurrence exactly analogous to tubercu-

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monstrative methods of teaching physical diagnosis. It

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peculiar, having regard to the injury. It was collapse characterized more by

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the chief cerebellar mass of higher amphibians and reptiles. The

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of natural selection, for the brilliant colors, topknots, and fine

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Sometimes the epigastrium will be tender on pressure, and the

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buildings, and the remaining 120 will be held by Mr. Phipps at

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Nile puts a stop to the plague in Egypt, by covering the low grounds,

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some milk. The bad symptoms of caffeine were all gone. Chloral

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civil and military life, that this is not so. Witness

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of infection from the track itself. The end of the track must be

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tion is shorter. These forms are seen in young persons, in whom

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scii )ed it in cases of headaches and nervousness, and was successful

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ed. We cannot imagine that the intelligent practitioners who have