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always to be found as two small stumps of muscles — flesh — imme-

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eight hours of sound sleep, and he awoke with all unpleasant

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early stage. Thus, an ataxic patient finds his difficulty in walking

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George B. Wood (see Mat. Med., 1856, vol. 1, p. 805)

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Always use sweet butter ; if in the least injured, it spoils

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So far as the diagnosis is concerned, it is only necessary to

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the brain, can reach very large limits before the bulbar centres are

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lemon juice is also helpful, and if the arms are not inclined to be

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alive and well, all reported to be fair. Three sisters died in infancy

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H. B. Manlove, T. M. Woodson, A. Ewing, Robei t Martin. W,

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certain efforts that are apt to be followed by ill results, especially

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pain, the necessity for further medical treatment, and sub-

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lished from the Vienna clinic by Sachs, concludes that

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as one of the four years of professional study unless taken after regis-

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are best seen during the febrile period. The most varied ameboid

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practitioners to accumulate ; but it is believed that the world

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beds and warm cushions. The bleeding of piles when excessive

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surgical asepsis. The skin on the arm or leg of the patient should

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they are blackened by the smoke and particles of powder which

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what does experience show to be the cause of death of pneumo-

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the present time to conduct in Canada the extensive investigations

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health and manhood that he expose himself to the dangers of the

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way that appears to be brief but eminently practical. These are but

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examined and sutured. If the woiind is not too . much

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which they had left three years ago, they burst into tears, and with these came

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call ''acid,'* and a solution of this serves equally, well,

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