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ill the gravity of a previously existing condition. Only a few days at
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.-alicvlic acid, and antiseptic inhalations. Quinine has
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the motions to be repeated are continuously executed until the command
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mucosa. The slight thickening of the patch was due to the fact that
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ease whereof lesions of the heart and of the joints
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premises, and it is credital)le to him that although he hji.s had
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by gentle syringing. The canal should then be carefully dried
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ferings. 1 refer to certain conditions of the womb itself.
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with efficient drainage secured by that route, the abdomen may be
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and healed all except a small sinus. A few weeks later the wall of the
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enter more fully into the merits of this new treatise, but we may
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yellow spot appeared on which a crust had formed. She receivetl
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suitability for troops in a tropical climate and urging a
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each case is carried out in a most thorough manner.
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remittances before another number, and we will he friends to-
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tory. In place of true measles there was a striking epidemic of
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no one, that is, of the greatly successful surgeons —
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this idea, we shall administer to this patient spirits of chloroform
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covered there, and not first brought into use in the Penn-
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the body (face, neck, forearms, hands). When present the
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Some atrophy of the cells in the anterior horns must,
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W. L, Beebe, who made a brief talk on " Milk Transmissibility."
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-■'■- ~.JiiiLr^^^l^.f^-/U^. M(I^.p.^?la^..,..^^''''"^.tL CZy^-^^^-^Bt
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land i, J. Howard 1, H. D. Hanks 1, P. A. Hale 1, T. I. Johnson 1, D. J. Kellner 1, S. Liston 1, E. D. Lake 1,
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child, and equals the length of the inteftines at the
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the early symptoms. At first it is dry and hacking ; later it becomes loose,
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induced. Dr. Alfred Stengel, in a conversation with me, expressed
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In the urine of four of these persons Buchner proved the presence of
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The relation between the clinical manifestation of pneumonia and con-
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