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pore on 12th May, being truly an advance with the prevailing wind
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remedy, lobelia. It is generally used in the tincture ; e.g. :
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micrococci, described as particles of plasma without any cell-walls,
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winglike sides and a dense longitudinal band. In Fig. 51a free flagellum still persists
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In conclusion, I may remark that it is now nearly forty years
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is freed relatively quickly. In all inflammatory conditions of the intes-
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ably described, it is difficult within the limits of a short notice to
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edestin, indicating that the degree of activity of different proteins
Pozerski^' obtained a form of anaphylaxis reaction by injecting guinea-pigs subcu-
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bacilli, it is best to try just the effect of rest in bed before employing the
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forth ; and, as Coleridge says well, " Plato and Bacon had this only-
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upon the consideration that the heterogenists have been driven
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consequently the supply of toxin ceases and the patient recovers.
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lin) has been employed with good results by the author. Since it is
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Seeing, however, that even with these improvements the mortality
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scope. Dr Child has a well-reasoned defence of vivisections, which
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A similar table is given of the cases in which gastrotomy (or, as
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usually from the guinea-pig's heart, defibrinated, and centrifugated,
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at saving the life of the child, and to separate the whole of the
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ditis and of myofibrosis is the same as that of compensated valvular
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with his head drooping ; still very sick ; leans his body for support
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meritorious works, including one or two on popular Medicine, with
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held by the general practitioners in Scotland, to extend the benefits
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injected into rabbits are ingested by leukocytes within which they undergo intra-
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uterus, by curtailing the period, and so to lessen the risks of ordi-
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tients were made with the same streptococcus. In the majority
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duodenitis, terminating in an affection of the liver. After an alarm-
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Rabinowitch, L. Berlin, klin. Wchnschr., 1907, 44, p. 315.
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tolerably vigorous. 3.23. — Dog is excited and restless. 3.24. —
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Zander's Gymnastic Method. — Proper gymnastics are most warmly
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than the media used for subcultures. Where the tj^hoid bacillus
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in constructing and ornamenting buildings destined to fulfil the
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illustrating in a marked manner the masking; of tlic symptoms
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of the danger of carrying infectious material to the ear and setting up
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morphine in heart disease will yield to its intelligent use in these cases,
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The signs of a favorable action of digitalis are : The improvement in the
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centrifuging process in first throwing down the bacteria and then
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ing that on which the paper was read, when all the members would
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per million gallons of sewage treated, excluding the first two quar-
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the rich and poor, the living and those about to live, are equally and deeply concerned, and
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best to defer puncture four or five weeks. But if an extensive pulmonary