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John- L. Yates. Ph.B., M.D. "An Experimental Study of the Local
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this murmur, it is only necessary to arrest respiration,
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sioner of Trials, Dr. C. E. Prior, of Holbrook : Cen-
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the stomach. Digestion became more laborious than before : after
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pulled up into the wound and its topography carefully noted and
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shown for one only. The child during the first week should be
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for the secretion of saliva can be amply explained by the protoplasmic
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symptoms. In one case the only symptom was pain in the head
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A coppery, shining redness of the root of the nose, is a sign of
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very hot weather, may originate a morbific element analogous to
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and pulse are reduced, and the pain and tenderness have sub-
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sidered as a question between this and cancer the matter of infec-
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the Capital City Country Club and Greater Oglethorpe University. Patients admitted to