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at once, may end in total loss of the eye from suppurative pan-

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a coexisting developement, an indication by which we are made

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The program culminated with a psychosocial drama en-

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ical change, even when exposed to light. Its purchase in bulk, in

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ically that they are capable of. There is no theory or sentiment in

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treatment in patients less than 18 years old is not recommended at this time. (See also PRECAUTIONS General i

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In other words, such milk assumes characters simulating those

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The subintemship experience (OSUR 548-02) is specifically designed for the Senior student who

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the purpose of being filled, and proceed to cram it accordingly. By parents

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Diagnosis: — The disease is never recognized in the early

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The following anatomical observations have been made by

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circulation is visible, and can be produced by taking any one of

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reproductive ego, so that the reproductive government over-rules the

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there are fewer old than young people, they are relatively more

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Abscesses, tumors, etc., of the brain have been found in

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water, had been taken after the evening of the 13th, nearly thirty -six

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until the full therapeutic action is apparent. The duration of the attack of

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Much has been said of late of the prejudicial effect

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Physiologists have said that if a few drops of the blandest fluid in nature

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F. ; while of the evening teiiiperatures, the absolute maximum

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which the peritoneal cavity must be opened, can be cured by the

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The following resolutions were also offered and adopted.

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It is also of interest in the anssethesige of hysterical subjects that

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bright red in colour, it was seen to be sharply defined, and

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stated that he had complained of malarial trouble and

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while M. Guerin dried it at 257" in vacuo, which accounts for the

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Lauenstiii : Arch, fiir klin. Chirurgie. Bd. XXVI, Heft 2. 1881.