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leg ; sometimes the fingers or toes." — (^Cutane-
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People Served from Jan. i, 1914 to May 1, 1914 140046
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out of all proportion to the intensity of the scratching. Sometimes
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least to give a hypodermic injection of morphia. This dimin-
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3. Eclampsia. Tonic spasms, with loss of consciousness in infants.
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dressed and reclining upon a lounge. The cake was deep,,
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Aflanis ("W.) On congenital contraction of the fin-
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that the only conditions in which this treatment is not to be carried out
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There are few practitioners who have not had occasion to observe some one of
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common in the late part of 1909 and early part of 1910.
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months. The malarious influence, still in the metropolis, seems,
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cure of diseased cattle ; and that Ars Yeteiinaria signi-
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tary subject," the conditions being the same as named by him.
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The article devoted to syphilis is especially valu.
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reached maturity, has passed away: i.e., a hard, pitted, or umbilicated
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form, its speedy evacuation. Those who have once suffered from ty|dilitis
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pressure on this day. The consolidation of the right lung now included
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Bronchiectasis is invariably a secondary affection of gradual development,
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received, yet I doubt not but that at length they will obtain authority
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lability of a sore upon the patient himself was taken as the
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one is a wholly different thing from the disease caused by the other." "In a
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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.
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N. Y., to Manchester, N. H. In this case, the thorough
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'• nor has there ever before been such observati(m on
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cells are actively engaged in combating the toxins which pass
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three cases with necropsies recorded by Zenker, Schlile, and Pollak,
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HcmT 0. TiiA'a Fubmcatioitb — (J*a t heta f^ Ac])
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"4. Alcohol and phenol placed in the stomach give no dif-
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of the City of Cleveland are probably fairly well known to
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nervous system without increase in the ninnber of cells in the cerebro-
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as in Table I, tho the wording is in some were studied under the auspices of the New
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These two serums must, therefore, be considered of little if any
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fore the illness began she perspired freely on mod-
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* Ibfd., and American Jonrnal of Med. Sciences. Vol. XVI., p. 226.
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