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psychiatric terminology employed in the laws of all coun-

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Ward 1, M. Paine 1, C. A. Walworth 1, E. Hanson 1, J. L. Foote 1, R. P. Wardlow 1, Geo. Mundie 1, M. C.

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of two eggs, with half a pint of broth or gruel. Or, give olive oil

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week. Dosage was measured not by pastille, but by time exposures —

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The rule laid down by Dr. Hall, may obviate some of the evils arising from

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I have suggested as another explanation that the typhoid bacillus pro-

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and the secretion of milk has taken place, and there has been a

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to the crystalline form it would be iv^garded as an

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insisted upon wearing the instrument, which she has done up to Octo-

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chloride of calcium. It may be collected over water,

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It is, however, well known that both these regions differ

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the system. The improvement in the relative output of urea, urates,

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been enfeebled by previous illness. A complete statement of all

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was not confined to the earliest of childhood, but embraced the entire

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probably treated two thousand cases of constitutional syphilis

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soft excreta. Its mucous membrane is normal. All the organs

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only lament, but can not remedy, the changeful aspect of the science,

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Intestinal Plague. In this form the lymphatics of the intestines and

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