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State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri will meet in Chicago

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In follicular tonsillitis, staphylococci and strep-

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the tincture of iodine to the mercurial ointment, because the latter

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and apply it to the surface ; in about five minutes it

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albumin. This type may merge into the second type, especially

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accidental impaction of portions of membranous or other secretion in the

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with catgut, horse-hair, or similar capillary material and

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mendable 10 report our failures, as thereby we may profit

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medicine in Minneapolis where he owned a drug store. Tn 1899 he located in St.

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hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis ; although they may suffi-

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cording to Dr. Christison, the deceased had taken laudanum for thirty

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the weight of the intestines comes upon the bony pelvis,

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clearing on boiling, and reprecipitation on cooling.

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detection of which no microscope hereafter constructed may

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tions, as a means of restoring or carrying on respiration in cases

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but lately they have been frowned upon by the Govern-

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more frequently occurred to the aged than the young — much the greater

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months, the fascia sloughed away in large pieces, and

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In every instance the material used for inoculation was cultured

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the ground that an irresponsible criminal should not be

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tice, as those conditions over which it is most influential are amongst those

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