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the figure of $1.74 per case for those industries having
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describing the defendants and the Washington hospitals,
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often aggravates the exophthalmos to a dangerous de-
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area was noted at the site of the posterior cervical lip.
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and unexpected monetary demand. “Many are called,
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He must study as never before to keep abreast of the
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Health and Hygiene” * was presented by Dr. Charles F.
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of the nodes were discrete, but the majority were con-
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ernment to make them cause for exemptions, the coun-
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continue to plan and co-operate in nutrition publicity
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Monday, January 11 — Opening Session, 9: 45 o’clock
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number of large coal companies operating in Jefferson,
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ceed on that basis, with the qualification that I have
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to death. And lastly, one is agreeably surprised to find the suggestion of sulfonamide therapy as a preventive
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cells 2,440,000 ; white blood cells 6500 ; color index
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Committee on Tuberculosis: C. Howard Marcy, 2851 Bed-
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observe that the highest grades were made by osteop-
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tient — by means of the essential laboratory examina-
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The prevention of disease is the unselfish mission of the modern
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$5 a day is charged. If the prospect finds it impossible
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place in the ingesta which result in the formation of leucomaines
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Washington . . . Wayne T. McVitty, Canonsburg Albert E. Thompson, Washington
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ical manpower. Fortunately, the health of our people is
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“We have passed the stage when ‘financing the pro-
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’Proper physiological breast support for women in wartime is a subject
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Pittsburgh were elected, after which gifts were pre-
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Aspects of Nutrition,” which is primarily for the pro-
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Northumberland George R. Wentzel, Sunbury Paul N. Friedline, Northumberland
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Dr. Kelly was staff consultant of St. Agnes, St. Vin-
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Jails, Ac—best publication on Public Buildings, $2; Encylope.Ua of Architecture-the greatest work ever
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that something was going wrong, from a look of excitability and
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Case VII.— H. M., a tubercular-looking lad of 19, had Had
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physician has reached the age of 61, 63, 65, or some
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glycerine and water. In cases where the coryza is of a chronic
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lowing prescriptions. If sulphite of soda be used, the proportion
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colonies, is somewhat less than a few hundred. Plan-
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At a meeting of a large medical society in the United States, a
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the 1943 session of the Pennsylvania Legislature as
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Since the opening of the industrial age, many women
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has led too much silent substitution ; we would therefore kindly
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