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This condition of depression steadily increased until
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detached from duty at Guam and ordered to the Celtic.
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requires some practice to keep the eye both on the thermometer and
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better, no collar. In the early stages of the disease the acneiform
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the defect of the memory of words continued much the same
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maggots. — 10th. Less offensive. — 12th. Not at all
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readily present themselves where the disease is studied in restricted local-
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wiu.-ii pax mi-lit Iims t.»>. mi made. Sulwcrlbers are
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which exists to it is, that numerous morbid causes may give rise to prominence
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to have been of use, would have had to be extended to out-of-school
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(■1) OeneTo! Diseases. — Acute specific fevers and certain blood dyacrasie
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(M.A.) Cortical epilepsy with temporary aphasia; syph-
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Philadelphia, which also contains an account of the reception
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there were several great difiBculties in admitting this as the cause in these cases,
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September, 1893. — Removal of a small recurrence be-
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ticularly by protecting the feet and hands. General principles
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marked at the free edge, and in both specimens is not bridged
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Forty-sixth Annual Report of the Surgeons of the Massachusetts Chari-
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this time receiving sponge-baths. After remaining nearly
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to remove a tube from a desperate case of diphtheria,
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(n) John O'Brien, M.D., was a Scholar of Trinity College in 1803. He
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From the Navajo Area Indian Health Service. US Department of Health and Human Services, Shiprock, New Mexico.
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very great and important questions, as Dr. Acland ha»
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experiments and dietary studies not undertaken with a view of
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sympathy may win success by going straight to the people
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investing layer of syncytium. Such proliferative changes are,
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vasomotor neuroses. When it attacks the hands and feet it
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Chemistry. Kecent progress in medical chemistry. Hills, W. B.,
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the vagina, which gradually assumed the color of blood and
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attacks exceeded ten in number. Dr. Thorne says that, taking all the
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strictly antibrachial portions of the mammalian flexors.
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slowly than it decreased, fifteen to twenty hoiirs and even one to two
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to the resources of the patient himself or of his neighboring mechanic,
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