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use of infected water in cleansing utensils, etc., and in this way typhoid,

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presence of actively motile bacilli in the fluid is suggestive of typhoid fever.

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on the following afternoon, and that the dinner was

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considerable blood, some renal cells, a little fibrin, numerous

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Company of Portland, Maine, upon the death losses of that

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developed. There are reports to the effect that the disease may occur under

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initial nervous phenomena. The duration of the simple and typical attack

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Under similar circumstances saline injections given subcutaneously or in-

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out adequate preventive measures. We talk of infected water and milk as

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the date of this discussion be referred to the Execu-

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sinuses leading to the formation of large phagocytic cells are also seen, and

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body. Antibodies may form in loco where antigens are deposited, as shown

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established by the aspirating needle; excellent recovery followed operation.

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careful dissection through the faint white line just described will expose the

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paralysis or spasm of the ocular muscles has been reported. Amblyopia is

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typhoid fever. After the recognition of the bacillus our knowledge of many

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obstruction would not be so likely to occur as in the first class.

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it a very large proportion of positive results are obtained. It has been

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usually removed to one of the fever hospitals. There is a certain risk in

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In Germany the central boards of health have sent especially trained

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diminished. If the pulse of the patient become rapid and small the hypo-

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ease without convulsions, at the age of thirty-seven. Two

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inquiry is made for a history of chills but this is not accepted unless there is

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membership receiving three -fourths of the votes cast

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patches are discrete and in others they may run together. The early rash

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13 of which the process was apparently recent. In 4 other cases yellow

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appearance. No special significance is to be attached to its occurrence.

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office that when a medical examiner was personally ac-

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a satisfactory conclusion — as we might in general practice,

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have had greater privation and less care before admission.