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give their whole attention to it. When we have these meetings, and when

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made either of cotton cloth or India rubber, have the advantage of

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but seemed to consist of several foci, one of which involved the caudate nucleus.

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ing influence conferred upon them by tuberculin. But

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had been of special value in operations upon the turbinated

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Dr. John G. Clark: Dr. Ashhurst has laid before you the report of

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registered in Limerick, and one death from diphtheria is also

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3. Cesarean Section in Relation to Retrovaginal Cervix-

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only wished to advertise himself? The Golden Rule, "To have a

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Austin, Tex., for $2,500 cash; good practice, and office in business part

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however, have shown that it may also be present in other diseases.

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then had a hard chancre on his penis. On August 27th he

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form ; and the facility and ease of swallowing them are astonishing. Suck-

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augmenting and inhibiting actions of nerves on the vas-

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air mattress. If bed sores do form, dead tissue is cut

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partial or general ; it corresponds to the seat of the exudation, and is

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identical with a saturated solution of the cyanide of copper.

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adhesions which might seriously interfere with motion was less

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the others the kidney symptoms entirely disappeared.

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glaucoma, or that shape which so often accompanies detach-

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but treat by means of the electro-cautery. The condition appeared to have

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shows these vessels to be dilated sometimes to double their normal siie.

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muscles. At first, however, the atrophied muscles required a

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undulation in the respiratory line. This is of frequent occur-

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out. In other cases the word-deafness is not complete. There may be

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growing from the summit of the bladder. It is one of the most inter-

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Is ecjually difficult of fulfilment Romberg recommends and lauds the

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an ounce of the bruised root in three pints of water, down to a

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cess is essentially a local one and is outside of the scope of this article.

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His wife predeceased him by some years, but he is survived

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its high professional attainments, once eagerly sought

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opposite side of the brain at an early period of the attack. AVe shall here-

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In making instrumental interference, we must leave the child where it is, nnd

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either in discernment or accuracy. If occasionally it shall

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ganized than the citizens of the state were informed

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authenticated by Ricord and the highest surgical au-

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limb are then passed in review, and the details of suitable

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which send their branches to the eye, nose and tongue ; the

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and Congress especially, were anxiously looking to the