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Medical Society of North Carolina, Dnrham, May 21.23, 1901.

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as the enlargement progresses, the lumen of the aorta is also

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been a family tendency to nervous disease. Syphilis and

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predispose to tubal gestation and their etiologic importance

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and in most the cricoid cartilage was divided. This, if a

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and is occasionally though less frequently a cause of the con-

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flaps cut in half the thickness of the rectus muscle, above and

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vestigation into one of these revealed the fact that more

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To facilitate disarticulation "the thigh was flexed on abdomen and ad-

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or anterior ethmoidal sinuses are involved — ^will usually

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some hours' duration, a slowly progressive hemiplegia

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tive effect seems improbable, though Dickinson has recorded the

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direction of organs or cells or functions which should disap-

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Etiology. — As to the etiology, practically nothing is

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ent constitution. It prepares the Association, by per-

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type, it may arouse a state of violent inflammation. Another

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The Theory and PaAerriCE os' Military Hyoibne. By Edward

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of potash injected into the actinomycotic induration —

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decision, the University must transfer to the Medical College

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supposed to act by producing a relaxation of the anterior

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the abdominal plane of the pelvis and not away from it. The

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