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amination, and in some cases a milky serum has separated when the blood

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disease of nutrition, and while its most characteristic feature consists in

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fufes to take warm drinks freely, let him have them

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getting fine-limbed faddle horfes, when coupled with

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to give way, when a discharge of a thick creamy fluid, containing an

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dilute hydrocyanic acid or liquor morphinse hydrochloratis, if there is much

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Exerting, as alcohol does, its pernicious influence upon the brain and

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and of every constable, gaoler, warden. su]5erimendent and officer

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are certainly met with in children in which no symptoms of peritoneal

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chronic laryngitis, especially in the early stages. The rule laid down by

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turned fome Hieep into a field where there yet remain-

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oil of turpentine, of each one ounce, and of the ner-

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Tepid sponging, at the time when the temperature is highest, will

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also an exhibit from the Babies' Hospital, of Xew York City, of

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On microscopical examination, the large cells in the cortex of the motor areas

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this general regard to thefe animals became manifeft.

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form (Fig. 40, b). By and by the pigment it contains becomes agitated, as

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Our results have demonstrated the importance of dietetic treatment in

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Several applications have been devifed, in order to

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are worthy of remark. Rickets is a rare disease among the peasants of

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the bowels, ibidt Caution kgainft the too-common ufe of

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To cure thefe ailments in the joints of horfcs, the

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tenfis, which fome-likewife call the fneezing-plant,

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in every way ])ossibl('I That is the saiir mctliod to be ciniibyed.

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ranging from fever of the mildest to fever of the most intense description.