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Abortion at any time before the fourth month, if without
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knife and the pistol figure very freely in the records of these
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diabetes, and Neubauer pointed out that red wine diminished
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are no clots in the wounds. The edges of the cut are rela-
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in place of corks and sand in place of the blotting-paper. Any dead
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Ben noch inimer gute diatetische liedingungen , Zitronensaft (lime-juice),
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Medical College, the two oldest medical schools west of the
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a scientific test whereby to recognize with certainty the fact
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" able, discreet, and learned in the science of medicine," for
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potential only if she is using effective contraceptive
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not ordinarily called for in deaths other than homicidal.
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peutics, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C. ; and Walter A.
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lurks in heedlessness. But familiarity is the mother of care-
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difficulties besetting students this year should be largely obviated.
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(see warm cupboard under date of 4th September 1911, and incubator
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the actual time counting by hours. The principle is, that, in
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impregnated against her will, her powers of volition being an-
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are the following : It corresponds in width with the width of
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discharged, 1 ; visits by head obstetrician, ; by attending obstetrician,
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If you require access and parking for the handicapped, please so indicate:
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follows under this condition of things — has been found to offer
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the author. As he says in his preface, his aim has been " to review the
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we tend more and more to carry great institutions of research as
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Kidneys. — The kidneys are not palpable; the genitalia are normal.
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was verified in 195 cases, and there were 447 cases in the Boston series
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than it was for the tabulated conclusions in regard to the other species.
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Pikeville: The First National Bank ot Pikeville. KY; Point Pleasant: Citizens National ot Point Pleasant; St. .Albans: Citizens National Bank of St. Albans:
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they tempt the tramp to a warm but dangerous hospitality.
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able physicians and surgeons, and several gave a certificate to
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conjunctivae. Internally we observe anemia of all the organs ;
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VERSYSS and Benchmark provide the strength of a national company
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- bosl a> to receive any appreciable quantity of the parental faeces
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tion at the same time. He stated that he used the left penis
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" Its merits can be appreciated only by a careful perusal. . . . Nearly one hundred pages
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ary feeling in favor of the defendants. This became so strong
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1 Dwight, Identification of the Human Skeleton, Massachusetts Medical So-
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which dead bodies are found, or in which a homicide or other
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around the neck made by the funis is broad, smooth, and
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French baker, used to entertain the public by going into an
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become subjects of embarrassment to the medical jurist. They
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appears to be a letter by M. T. Barrett (Cosmos, 1917, 446) in
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