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gence the homoeopathic medicines, to the homoeopathic practitioner,

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chocolate-colored fluid, having a faecal odor. At this point, as men-

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consequence of the original disease, loss of the power of motion in the

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The Infpiflate to iij. drams, dilTolved in Wine, and

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pear colourless. In inflammation, the minute arteries wliich only admit

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bromide of ammonium. In an epidemic of pertussis which prevailed

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ment a master is m charge. S^me of the greatest improvements m

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white ; and unusual secretions occur in tlie affected parts. The capil-

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of men working about kitchens were examined. No changes of kitchen

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of fever. We had a striking instance of the fact on which I am about

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and taken with the Juice of Fumitory, reffifies the

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charge, frequent haemorrhage from the urethra, and but little pain

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of a purely inflammatory character. Here then was a year during which

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the attention of practitioners to the necessity of studying and treating

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those of the ring and little fingers, were not in the least wasted : thus

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combine blue pill or hydrargyrum cum creta, if necessary, giving two

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<^ sick headache," unless regarded as proceeding from the intense

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j. Scruple, in a Bolus of Mithridate, or in any pro-

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ages, one over sixty-five, with Podoph.^^^, (where in the lower at-

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examination. But on opening the abdomen, we found evident marks of

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not from any peculiar exertion of extraneous forces. In fact, the

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and privileges, examine candidates, admit members, etc. Referred

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mation ; and to this we refer all the symptoms observed. On this sup-

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very remarkable symptom practitioners dwelt almost exclusively, think-

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2. Mrs. H. T. ; aged twenty-nine years; has two children; has

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After a minute examination of the history and symptoms of the case,