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tion. After repeated attacks a radical operation is preferable.

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marking disease of the heart, declare themselves: but their ori-

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of digestion and absorption; but those that are coarse, badly bal-

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promote vitamin A synthesis. Research has correlated a

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as many contractions of the ventricles as there were con-

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subjected. Finally, it may be objected that of seventy transfusions

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made, and Otto and Dietrich described agglutination of typhus Rickettsia

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to pass from the visual to other sensory centres on the presentation of an

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uterus should be examined, and scrapings from its interior should be sub-

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He also says the employment of plasters is a comparatively recent,

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thought to have no special significance. Gelatin and agar-agar

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malignant endocarditis in a woman of twenty-two, together with the autopsy

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in practice, but was inclined to think that the older methods

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Fetal/Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality: See WARNINGS, Pregnancy , Enalapril Maleate. Fetal/Neonatal

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no shadows of gall stones or other evidence of gall-bladder disease.

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tion, and I candidly confess (with my limited experience) that I am

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hypotheses have been imagined for the solution of this curious

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more particularly to the time which succeeded Galen, for

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discover what was the cause of the fits ; they were unilateral, on the right side ;

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cular activity. The anemia requires iron. — F. Huber

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Boeckel: Virchow's Jahresb. f. 1884, vol. ii, p. 626.

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the symptoms of sun-stroke at the time, he subsequently was

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posterior vaginal wall, and through this on the uterus. If the body of

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Thomson, Professor of Surgery, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

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