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treme prostration follows, often accompanied by a rigor or
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cies which influence the human organization. This has been attempted in part
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Farre has treated in the hospital eleven cases of rheumatic
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became affected in sixteen, or nearly two-thirds; but in five only of seventeen,
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are relieved by escape of pus per rectum. Chronic pelvi-
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means used for its dispersion, till at last it was determined to per-
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accustomed to open the insulated pustules, whilst M. Bretonneau invariably did
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immense practical experience, and, where found valid, illus-
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syphilitic chancres of the lip. Men who are so careless as
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Pavy, wishing to ascertain whether the liver can produce in
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quantity of nitric acid, pass it over the arsenic, and dissolve the whole by
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war in Turkey and the Crimea. It remains, therefore, to be ascertained whether
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Dickenson, and Milroy. had an interview, on the 17th inst. (March), with the Duke
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and were found, partly covered by the cortical substance, but the calyces
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showed that this onward course was in accordance with similar observations
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separate structure. The further progress of the protoplasm
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lated into French ; consequently the production before us can
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The wearing of furs merely to conform to fashion is
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the former to two of the latter.^ Out of the eighty non-fatal
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Epilepsy.— A disease of unknown origin, beginning in
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Art. XIV. — Synopsis of the Pathological Series of the Oxford
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general health. It is in the incipient stage, before the
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not less than 210. In the whole of England and Wales, the proportion, out of
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He disputes the statement that the membrane is shed every four
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region of the great lakes the ratio of morbility is always highest during
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in their functions ; the blood itself is modified in its consti-
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and peoples. Hitherto, the want of anything like reliable data
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in children in the manner indicated by Dr. Todd, and therefore he
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ulcer offers one of the most troublesome problems one may encounter
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description of this minute organism : — Genue, Crypta (Salisbury). —
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induce others to publish the results of longer and more extensive observa-
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ing of nervous structures of any description or arising from any cause^
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eyes, other than that which attends all organs which have suffered from
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nodes and the thymus glands, and, to a considerable
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cial advantages of talent or opportunity, in regard to the several subjects under
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statistics bearing upon it^ derived from other countries, and
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and inner part of the ciliary body. Every attempt to use the
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of five varieties, as follows : — 1. Troubles of moral sensibility, irritability of temper,
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attempt to supply this want was made by Mr. White Cooper;
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probe through the vagina. This was caused by the opposition of the walls of
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operation^ which might partially account for the greater mor-
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mucus, free from fetor, not differing from the natural secretion
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rapid result was very satisfactory, but Dr. de Beaufort desired to
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cases are selected from the Case Book, as presenting some points of interest
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much as in the metropolis, as will be seen from the following examples: —
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the various types of coated tongue, but only the physician
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Arterial Oirscfid Tumours, — TTnder this name M. Gosselin indi-