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horizontal diameter, the favorite line for pterygium develop-

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Season. As a rule the disease shows a fairly uniform relation to the

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systole, thereby increasing cardiac output. It increases coro-

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mune system.) Then, the addition of a checkpoint inhibitor

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Journal (May 16, 1896, p. 1193), Dr. Luff, of St. Mary's Hospital, records a

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tibiae, and a few pustular lesions suggesting acute generalised miliary

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due to disease of that organ, and should not be classed as

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Consequently the speech defect known as " amnesia verbalis " occurs

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be given in conjunction with the other medicines. Cod liver oil can

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ger. " If you want a whole mule, you'll play for the

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power of extending the limb ceased. On attempting extension of

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since to prove this, isolation, pure cultivation and suc-

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Edinburgh School of Medicine ; Consulting Physician to the Edinburgh

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larity, which may even have been notably increased, diminishes pro-

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are called the tertiary symptoms of syphilis find their analogues in many

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diaphragmatic, no motion of the ribs except at the lower part of

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activity either in search of food or possibly for aught we know for their own

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the bone one or two inches; there is an extensive exudation of plastic

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with snow. On the 17th at night the snow fell sufficient to cover most of the

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me in electing me to this position, and my regrets that I am not to

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trol of enlightened public sentiment — except so far as it might

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excellences of the former school had been praised at Oxford in

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used, but the ratings of blame, negligence, and liability do.

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after, but the student in charge of the case could not make out the

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as he always carries a flashlight, hammer and corkscrew.

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mune system.) Then, the addition of a checkpoint inhibitor

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been vaccinated, and in whom the subsequent evidences of syphilis have