Maximum Dosage Of Phenergan

cise cause of the fatal issue in case of an overdose,
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18. Fm.erson. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, xviii,
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wounded. A cable message brings this word to the father. He
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November i8th : — ^Symptoms and signs marked, reten-
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ulceration. That entire obstruction was not at first caused
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to prohibit at its discretion and by the advice of a
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22d, left from detached duty to Fort Myer, Virginia,
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from all causes, exclusive of stillbirths, numbered 565, cor-
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1. Certain Popular but Erroneous Notions Concerning
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out the stomach with the tube will relieve in most of
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15.52 in a thousand of population, as compared with a rate
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vague disproportions are sensed ; fluctuating ideas
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from suicide, i from homicide, and 56 due to accidents.
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daily, but the action does not persist for more than
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pneumonia, 87 from bronchopneumonia, 120 from Bright's
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seen by the general practitioner, with every appear-
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time sends all his cases for anteoperative treatment
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ferences that exist at different evolutionary stages
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ly that Dr. Park did not draw these conclusions, but
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tion of a knowledge of hospital administration, both
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For this reason three different forms of mediastinal
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failure from any cause, in the different varieties of
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time, onset, or character of these is indeterminate,
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pale, mind bright and intelligent, and sufifering no pain
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i6th. Dr. Charles AL Bertholf, aged thirty-five years.
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No. 2. 4:42 p. m. Injected 0.75 grammes immediately
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occurred after the first injection, which disappeared
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