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tality of only 8 per cent., and my own case reported in this paper
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Report of the Trustees ol the Newport Hospital, presented to
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ation. The use of dirty materials, such as cobwebs, earth,
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waves (auricular representative) in the venous pulse is, of course, due to the over-dilated condition
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and taste are slightly aromatic; when chewed, it is slightly acrid, astrin-
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selves better to change of food and temperature, but
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every three hours. For the catarrhal form, benzoate of soda, in
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has a larcerated cervix with ulcerations — will bleed on touch, a
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In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied,
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phy, Columbia University, conferred on June 6, 1933. The
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court. So that George Locke is at the mercy of the court.
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being permitted to gambol in their native element, they are con-
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as it is said. These poisons are unlike in their results. So
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choleraic diarrhoea, the resulting effects varying with the precise nature
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frequent ; there is less light, and the amount of ozone
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sucli disease mi^ht be called diasirephia.) Now the Asso-
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number in the liver culture. These colonies were very small, like translucent
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4. Coagulation is used in conjunction with sedimentation or
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Is it not the physician, male and female, women for the girls and
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tioners; but where was the understanding of the case?
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It was then (September 29th) clear that we were deahng
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of thirty-six to fifty-nine cm. in men, and thirty-
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scrotiini wlilcli covered the swelling, in the presence of Mr. James