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more and more confirmed this fact. As the danger in such cases is

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any morbid substance or product, — or anything which is in

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Public Speakers, Singers, and Actors have found Wine of Coca (Metcalf's) to be a valuable

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case, is necessary, and if that also failed, then Trendelenburg's

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space devoted to gynaecological electro-therapeutics ; and it is to be

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clear the boundaries of knowledge, and to throw the rays

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tice.” In one recent case, a physician was in that situation. He

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tioned whether this is true in even a small proportion

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tion has already been drawn to the acute pyogenic infection of

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are kept secret by the sufferer, — committed to no sound,

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the anilide of meta-arsenic acid, as was at first supposed. The correct

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there is the slightest suspicion of unevenness, it should not be used.

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The treatment of the dam after delivery will determine

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arachnoid of tlie cerebellum, next in the cerebrum, then in the pons.

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carcinoma of the lower Up in a patient of 60 years.

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targeting malignancies with disulfiram (antabuse) multidrug resistance angiogenesis and proteasome

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tion ; no more is digested by adopting these methods, while

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CoRPUT, GusTAVE Maximillian, of Georgia, December 23,

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The quantity of sulphate of cadmium is gradually increased

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bour and exertion. Yet if the respirable medium which we breathe

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it may be impossible even at autopsy to determine the origin of the infection.

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close, on June 12th, 1798, the once illustrious Order

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sufficiently healthy to produce a vigorous embryo. In some cases

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Contact: Martin D. Shickman, MD, Director, Continuing Education in

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Chloral Hydrate in Pertu.<;sis. — Dr. P. B. Porter, Physician to the New

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grath, of Jamaica, W. I. ; have each testified, as will be seen hereafter, to

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day following, when the quantity of arine and solid constituents was

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in which latter case they affect first the liver and then the