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Rest, in the first periods of this process, may, unquestionably, fa-
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Laryngitis may be relieved by bromid of potassium and citrate
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few lines which they receive. Fractures are very properly dealt Avith
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dies have had their advocates, I am compelled to tell
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Epilepsy is frequently found in a3sociation with other functional
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which, as I have assumed, our brethren of the Old School
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bacterial tests. No intrinsic effect on fertility was observed in rats.
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surviving relative, a son, to have been improved greatly.
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placed a small gauze drain, closed the wound again. Then intra-
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Case 4. C H., apparently an Englishman, over 60, was brought into
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is made into Hving cultures of the Shiga bacillus. Hence d'Herelle concluded
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perceptible. The earlier doses were often vomited in whole or in part. Of course my
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tunately for some, requires proof; opinions may content themselves with
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Dr. Wright said that he had no doubt that the papilloma
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but spermaceti is substituted for paraffine, since the
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dress entitled Daniel Drake, or Then and Now, by Dr. Wil-
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fatality than others, under the same circumstances.
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influence of views which depend for their currency on their antiquity
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In each of these cases the food was properly proportioned and had for its
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and hindermost portions of the lungs in particular become loaded.
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Appletx>n, Chippewa Falls, Bayfield, Eau Claire, Fond du
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the Hospital, under my care, May 1 in the present year.
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left. No. 16, as before. After extreme conti-action of
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gren, of Sweden, on " Colour Blindness, and its Relations to Railways and
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pressure from above ; less danger of extension of arms ;