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Sig. — '^/^ oz. t. i. d. p. c. (each % oz. = % dr. syr. fer. iod. U. S. P.).
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soldier is as 10 to 1, and of death as 13 to 1. Good general sani-
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curvature of the lens, because this is the commonly received doctrine on
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calories), 50-60 G. (l%-2 oz.) of fat (500 calories"), 400-450 G. (14-16
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in the case he had related. He thought it would have had good
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the reviewer, which, from the favourable nature of the critique, is
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presentation was manifestly a vertex. But the head appeared to be
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the tumour above the pubes at once disappeared. On passing my
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other meetings than the annual meeting; but a year ago last August
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is truly diphtheritic or not. Considerable confusion appears to prevail
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bloated face, a thick neck, and a full pulse, — i.e., the symptoms of true
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"before the Society, and begged to request that gentleman to for-
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brown in color. The pulp is only slightly increased and the
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and toward exacerbations of their trouble. Although a very guarded
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organism employed, number of organisms in unit volume, and char-
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' " Ueber die Wirkung des Alkohols auf die Tatigkeit der Phagocyten," Ztscltr. f. Immunitdtsforschuni
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bearable by hypodermics of morphine, 0.01-0.02 G. (Yg-Vs gr.) several
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palm must be turned outward. The operator folds the fingers of one
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of less than four wards, in order that tl/pp^y* , i „„ -i „„„ „„:j
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and sunshine is the second prime requisite in the care of an infant.
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these diseases which have occurred to my medical correspondents or
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separate lines which come to the same end. Like true Crithidia,
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less cliaracter of its growth, and the absence of all glandular com-
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it. As far back as 1863, one could read in some of the Icelandic
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(e) Ancemia Caused hy Syphilis. — In anaemia caused by syphilis
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upright, while the operator feels his pulse with an expression of
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how long, was brought into the Infirmary, 8th April 1870. She
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of milk — ate little else. 11 a.m. chloral 40 grs., asleep in fifteen
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replies that, when one cell overlaps another, the lower one is seen
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ing. This process produces the least excretion of alloxuric bodies.
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division. Longitudinal division is preceded by a thickening of the
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Witch Hazel. — The author has often obtained good results from the
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hand, the patients were found to lose appetite and strength, and
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Thompson has called especial attention to the use of laxatives, intes-
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Kueneke's description of the supposed mechanism of synclitism
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by the bromide without the stimulants. One of the most remark-
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has been here before with epilepsy and drunkenness, etc. During
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i.e., that it is not being done at the expense of the protein rather
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reflect for a moment on the most common site of the purulent col-
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and in having a short flagellum. "Les centrosomes sont tres
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the lesion itself, especially aortic insufficiency, a further contraindica-
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and the Lancet methods we came to the conclusion that, on account