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The social phase of the Congress was a feature which
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cases, where haemorrhage was exceedingly profuse. I
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the present time to conduct in Canada the extensive investigations
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pearance is due to the deposit of fat between the primitive mus-
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during an attack of influenza. He was discharged from the United States
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June 2, 1894 (No. 127); La Plata Mines. August 22, 1895.
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fc Schedul monitor, de novas febris ingrefTu, pag. 673.
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closure of the pyloric orifice from cancer, Deucher found that the follow-
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in something under three pages. Either that is not enough, or the
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tuberculosis or intestinal infection to deal with. The child with
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satisfaction to your medical practice because we emphasize
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now revealed the presence of tubercle bacilli. The pulmonary
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atmospheric pressure is concerned, but must be con-
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time, the vision tested, irregularities of the pupil noted, and evi-
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take any food by the mouth and stomach, and only very small
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cian, the fire was a causal, precipitating, or exacerbating
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centred in the addresses of Drs. Fordyce Barker and
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subject, and is limited to the operative measures in the
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white with red tips and edges, and there was continued head-
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Laparotomy not only possesses the advantage of being the
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by great restlessness, twitching of face muscles, numbness of entire sur-
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tine ; not coagulating milk ; not giving indol in pa?icreatic
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delayed for a very long time because the investigations lead-
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the latter the number of individuals is much greater than among the former. In
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development of medical journals has been remarkable.
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ability and classical statistics, and describes the ma-
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mentioned spring was lost at the same time ; and has
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of trachoma and the attendant corneal disease. I pre-
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naked eye can be trusted, we have not observed that any improvement
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strength (1 to 10,000). He described the essentials
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likely to increase considerably now that the disease is becoming
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