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the heart and the lining of the cavities of the heart, and associated with

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varies considerably according to the seat of the disease. At the

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a metallic substance which is not absorbed. The oper-

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be confined to absolutely inoperable cases. — British Medical Journal.

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undiscovered, not a single alkaloid had been isolated in a pure

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arise as the result of amniotic adhesions, and protrusion of the lung may

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4. The Ordinary Members, with the exception of those

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♦SAYORY, Charles A., 6 Kirk St., Lowell — 1850.

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animal or vegetable matter, and other sources. Most of these bacilli are

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casion for prescribing for night-sweats. The best remedy for night-sweats is

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the advisability of the operation. Yet the operator should be very

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veins may have in the formation of hsematocele : Dr. Devalz relates

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carrying out of this, and comply with any requirements.

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Dr. Cheadle believes that the action of digitalis in scarlatinal dropsy in chil-

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(Journal of the American Medical Association, Nov. 1, 1902),

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best vegetable oils; after iU manufacture, and before it is "milled" and pressed

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nancy, and siblings died of SIDS. Several studies have

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a crater-like cavity into which the fist could be thrust, thickly

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money than I did of mine." With a glad heart the student

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a non-psoriatic patient are given semi-weekly. X-rays are useful when

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erinary training as a necessary preliminary and accompaniment

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secting rooms. How do you find time for shaving, darning your

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other complications; when accumulations of pus are suspected

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regards meteorological phenomena, to those already described. It is,