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were not dilated. About one hour later the patient could distinguish the outline

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and regularity. Section of both the splanchnic and vagus nerves throws

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the fifth nerve ; they then bend downwards, and below the posterior corpora

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in on giving solid food. The objection brought up against milk

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the stories told are not to be taken literally as re-

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In subsequent attendance on the case it is important

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of the teeth, by the use of instruments, is most effective in the pre-

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JOURNAL OF SPORT BEHAVIOR: Mobile, AL. U.S. Sports Academy, University of

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examination, but the above is the substance of the evidence.

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Experiment O.—Macacus rhesus. Nov. 7, 1917. Bled for trial titration.

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of bed ; but is to be provided with a bed- pan, containing some of

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In sphacelation the tissue sloughs off, and this part that sloughs off

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the ocular media— cornea, lens, anterior and vitreous

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Habitat and range. — The fringetree is found in moist thickets and along streams