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used Gamgee's pad, which is of salicylic absorbent cotton wool
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absolutely free from alum, is made from the proper parts of wheat, and
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stamp of authority. He proceeds with caution and treats every
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Queen, and Godoy — an exact repetition of that already
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wiring, if practised at all, should be reserved for those quite exceptional
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clear that no operation for radical cure can be under-
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Court of Appeals have been taken by the unsuccessful
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The fauces and laryn.x. showed ulceration of the tonsils, frsenum
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point dorsally of the lemniscus to the shallow sulcus which marks
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State, and two distinct theories were held, as to its nature and treat-
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velops and constitutional involvement is pronounced. Dur-
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The physician, as commonly understood, is one who ministers to the sick,
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vision, especially for colour, were much contracted. The optic discs
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right ?" If I had my way, human slavery should cease on the instant, but I am
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has been troubled with gastric symptoms and gradual failure of
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is considerably less than the incidence among the measles patients.
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student, David Kreger, visits the Soviet Union. Up goes
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