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pect of the establishment of an institution where it will be treated as such,,

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tion of the placenta). Altogether, sixty-three per cent died,

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Cum. commentary on the Institutes of Gaius. By P. Cumin.

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opened, the coal from which is of a very superior quality.

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Dublin and the Urban Districts of Kathniir,es and Katbgar, Pembroke IJlackrock

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poultry; the organism causing this disease being found to be

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2'56 in the upper extremities, and 4*52 in the lower extremities,

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sisting upon the peculiar mode of employing pressure advocated in my paper, nei-

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to bring the required parts into view, and to get the eye accustomed

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for some of the details, for the problem is manifestly too com-

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called, and rightfully, the " strawberry tongue," and acccom-

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to show the degree of success with which it can be raised

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some of the breeders, and look over some of their stock at

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JVhy doth ih: si seen cause men io laugh ; as, says Isadorusy

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(unsalted) rubbed in, or a little iodoform and boracic

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functions, to which allusion has already been made. Inebri^ntA

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ters and pelves of the kidneys are generally healthy. According

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suspicion of liver or kidney complication ; and when no such complica-

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therefore, of the Wiesbaden baths was, in Nenbauer's case, apparently a highly

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Occasionally seen in waste places about town; Laramie, Septem-

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3 grs., and for older children, 9 grs. Giirtter's results were

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mend that the further consideration of the subject be postponed until

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lost sight of. The work is fully illustrated by frequent ref-