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semble those in inflammation and chronic diseases. Experience and practice are

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over, under such a supposition as the above, how should we be able

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any part ; Burns, Scalds, Fresh Wounds, Felons, Biles, Cold Feet, Sprains, Lame Back,

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owing to the chorea. Articulation was impossible ; respiration very



anoe with modem medicine; and we are glad to learn that

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rally acknowledged as frequently instrumental in the causation of

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has been done to a dead child, and whether it died before or after birth.

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external are sometimes superficial^ sometimes deep-seeded.

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it has endosmosed through the cell wall, or rather, as soon as it has

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kept in mind in stating the conclusions arrived at on this point.

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when the patient is secreting a fairly large amount of urine.

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times, as well as among the native Indians of our own country, the first object in

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explanation ; and we might put the same question to some of

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was mnch frequented b^ the military ; and on the same day, in one

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i diseased? — the virus generated in the vitiated secretions, taints f

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culosis Association. He complains chiefly of cough accom-

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health would be still greater than is seen by the figures given above. But if men

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an hour after a meal consisting of meat, vegetables, and a slice

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line, and central in position. The reaction of the pupils to light,

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causing insanity, dropsy in the head, and other kindred complaints. Dr.

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