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One month after admission the patient had a frank pulmonary hiemor-

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nervous and mental disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction

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out; thus, in each of the centers lor the u|>per and lower extremities,

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or other product with the name of the packer, or trade-mark, and it is desired in addi-

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Microscopically the pulmonary artery and heart muscle showed areas (^


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was found that these granules contained acid-fast bacilli, but not in great

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The results of the experiments summarized in Table I, show that

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of the edge of the disc; four days later tubercles were discovered in the

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The original copy, not the carbon copy, should be sub-

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Should clinical experience substantiate the claims of experimental

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esting and informative talk on “Recent Advances in

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must be supplied with athwartship partitions every 14 feet. Such fittings shall be

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is sml.lenlv iVirected to a liu'ht an.l then closed, there remains a l.ritrht

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alloys or salts or any poisonous chemicals, minerals,

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small and of a much darker color than the upper lobe. It is non-crepitant

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Roland S. Kieffer, St. Louis (1950); L. F. Heimburger, Spring-

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century Denmark had two breeds of hogs — ^the Jutland and the

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bers of animals. Of these countries England offers th« most desirable

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116. ♦WiLLiGK, A. : " Sectionsergebnisse an der Prager pathologisch-

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siasm of those present in their reception of this excel-

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ciation to meet in Kansas City in 1949. The invitation

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breed of the animal has upon the percentage of food energy utilized

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the chief supply of food and drink of many of the animals, the danger

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nerve eontrol ..f tin' pro.lii.-t ion of su-ar hy tin' liv.-r shouhl he depeudent

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enable the Dairy Division to give expert information along these

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to countries that do not require such inspection. • • • (31 Stat, 202.)

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rcmiriliiiji till' tViicliuii <i|' tliis uru-.-ui ili'iintils. Siirli :iii cxliact is lii'si

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Ill tli.'ir liist.ilo-i.- still. •imv an.l . niln-\ ..L.ui.' .l.Tivali..... Hi.' 1""

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into dogs in pure culture a similar disease is produced. It is probable

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inspection under these regulations. All meats and meat-food products on hand October