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bottom, causing two wounds in the position of the present lesions. The
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Bome months previously, or the physician states that the tuberculosis
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edge of the covering glass. The significance of this mode of preparation will
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regard to the use of iodoform in endotrachetitis, he
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tility is considerably weakened, a time comes Mhen the muscle no longer con-
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with the defendant, whereby the defendant was to dis-
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observation nearly one month the oedema disappeared entirely from the face,
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The probable cost of the whole system per year would be
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erate tuberculosis, and 5 with tuberculosis in the advanced or gener-
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rectly, by affecting the circulation; and in other modes, it is highly
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F.R.C.S., ill " blasters of Medicine" Series ; Longmans, Green & Co.,
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Erin Toller, D'Wan Carpenter, Soumya Bollampally and Garrett Tomasino
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It is necessary then to continue to maintain the unity of erysipelas from the
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lists. Some because they possess no prominent medicinal pro-
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Medicinal Treatment of Abortion. — Dr. A. Cordes of Geneva
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suffer from various accidental complications. Such are ulceration
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itation of a method proposed some years since by Prof. Christison.
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abscess, phlebitis, malformations, congenital and acquired, and all
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now publishes the results of his investigations in a
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under the skin of the back of two rabbits. They be-
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of numerous joints. Each joint seemed to possess the power, so long as it
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Bronchopneumonia is always a very prominent factor in causing death in
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apt to fail, the quantity of urine excreted often becomes augmented five or six
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16. Kuo PT, Hayase K, Kostis JB, Moreyra AK: Use of com-
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pally to the relation of ocular affections to functional
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rent in the peritoneal capsule after enucleation. A
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spontaneity. Zimmerman has collected several examples, '^ as, for
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Sixteen hours after death. Body extremely emaciated; the left
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find those changes in the inguinal nodes, while, in fact, they can
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In this connection the case of Dr. C. E. Riggs is of interest,^