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of known skill. For a horse to be well shod, the hoof

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the school period and recently a very interesting study was made by

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cause it does not depress the heart, and because it affects the

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arresting the disease, or of retarding its progress. Various remedial

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Collected on Snake River, May 29, 1892, by Fred McCouUough.

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requisite for <my effective use of the microscope is a thorough practical acquain-

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relapses and aggravations of the latter. Immermann was aston-

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may be decreased and the percentage of globulin in the total proteins

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in all the nerve-trunks, but especially in the sciatic,

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The hospital consists of one ward of twenty-three beds,

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The view that tuberculosis confers immunity is probably not correct.

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cities probably some one will be found who can be called upon to conduct

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An Experimented Inquiry on JEndocarditis^ by the Synthetical Method. By

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young lady got retention of the urine. Of course in

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distant parts of the bod)' are involved, the lesion must

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quinine is administered, this eruption not infrequently occurs. As there is

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the body. It must, hoAvevor, be freely admitted that many chancres Avhich

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insure this, if she sees the off side of the saddle pressing

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But these effects gradually pass away with practice and custom if

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table shows that during the last twenty years, and es-

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dose to half of an entire tablet per day for a child, or not more than two for

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and moves with greater ease and freedom. This treatment may be

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work on the subject is that by Du Brun, referred to in the text.

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