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the plaster is firmly, smoothly, and evenly applied to the limb; in its
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systematic science, entitling it to a firmer reliance, than upon
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Caseinogen is a pseudo-nucleoalbumin. It yields no uric acid bodies, and
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of the surgeon is not usually aseptic in the bacteriological sense; that is,
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fistula was repaired, and the patient eventually recovered
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tion 20 years after Chernobyl found that an extra radiation dose
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Water may be given largely whenever we wish to increase
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entirely intracellular, and a certain amount is frequently found
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hours ; in a few days the nape of the neck presents a sight to
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A group of five people experienced only short-term relief,
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in. Every practical surgeon will agree with us, in believing that an
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being made prisoners. It is certain, therefore, that one-
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tagioUS. These amount in nuinher to 70, being a little over one in 4^,
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covery will necessitate new inquiries in relation to some diseases
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one to be undertaken onlv after orave deliberation.
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quickly penetrate into the tissues, there becoming lost, not without
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nitrate internally. In fissures at the pyloric orifice productive of
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but more needs to be done. Those who follow the activities of
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away from the flap. The package is then reversed, the other end
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nay, people actually feel pains in their limbs — pain
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without resource stands paralyzed at nothing being to hand
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quill, communicating directly with the left ventricle-
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ingrown toe-nail, to effect a radical cure, the removal of the nail
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does not pertain to young children rather than to old people?
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ing water over them to soften thoroughly. Dilute two tablespoon fuls of
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number of musket-shots and other projectiles has not been re-