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Among the things which Dr. Brown discusses, one of the very few upon which we

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is changed to blue; while in the kidneys it undergoes hardly any altera-

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accompanied by this white cheesy secretion closely adherent

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ago her hopes have shown no sign of being realised. I

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Malaria with generalized petechiae (case report), 1007

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tion by resolution, is not described bv other writers. Acute

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It is well, therefore, to inoculate both a rabbit and a mouse with suspected

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to these common pyogenic cocci, which often find the way open for their

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actually produced than would be the case if the best tubers

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without producing salivation. It should be commenced as

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man, was formed. The committee includes Dr. A. B. Macallum of the

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move it and the patient being much exhausted by the

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able ; but, considering the short time covered by the

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milking of cows by machinery is an accomplished fact, and

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The patient, a printer, get. 5G, has been in excellent health for

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Past history. — The patient cannot recall any past

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nature. This incident made it possible for her not only to suspect preg-

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must not be underestimated, for it is the starting-point, the

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for a year, &c. and he would claim all that could be

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this view even educated members of the profession have not

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The diseases reported within the ten years are comprised in the

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he remained a number of days before he could be brought to this place ;

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fiEtr closed as to shat off connection with the bowel. At this janctore

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as the staphylococci had done, and that these latter, making their

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in his garden, where he used to keep his tools. It appeared that

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stretching had been done to relieve the antesthesia

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was recognized prior to the bacteriologic era. Holmes first