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reply may be inferred from the fact that a colony is already in operation.
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markable case that was published long ago by Broadbent. The other
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hope, by continuing as we have begun, to cheat the "great white plague"
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1882 Colquhouk, Dakiel, M.D., Dunedin, New Zealand.
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deprived of the absolute evidence that the recovery was actually due
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without jaundice or its other symptoms ; it is not connected with the stomach,
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ward off an explosive utterance ; but too often some ungainly sound, or
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The second volume of this Calendar proceeds on the usual
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Contraindications: Individuals hypersensitive to it, or with the syndrome of nasal
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Sergeants who have served a year as such, or enlisted men of the
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In subsequent attendance on the case it is important
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17. Furthermore, whilst employing the divergent pencil, let an eyelid encroach upon
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some topics that are of vital interest to students and conser-
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development — it looked like the sputa of pneumonia.
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infect people with disease. Phenol and corrosive sublimate are disin-
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patients who do not need the specialized services that
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satisfactorily established, the precise origin of the disease remains
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given as to their treatment, the different, most popular and best
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in the red blood cells in Case 1 on the whole became less like per-
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duce ; but no defined edge or solid viscus could be traced.