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age. It would be difficult to find hard working men of 80 on large

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on September 4, 1962. On this occasion. Dr. Riggins was awarded the 150th

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^-^^^c^^<^^(^lc<^c^^G^(^^c^^c^^cMc<^cMc^^c<^G<^cMC<^G<^G<^(^^c^^cMc^^c^^cMc^qcM(^^c^^ strona glowna

the left clavicle, externally to the sterno-mastoid muscle. Microscopic ex-

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Wigand-Braxton-Hicks method. This was done in thirty

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any one who is familiar with this method will see at

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obtained by the greatest diversity of dose. Some chalybeate waters

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An Experimented Inquiry on JEndocarditis^ by the Synthetical Method. By

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plasm? It is distinctly unusual that Dr. Nordland s

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paper discussing the causes and operative treatment

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the hyperfunction of the thyroid in Graves's disease is restored by the ex-

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are many. Of my pupils — what I have learned from them —

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'laie II shows the character of the varieties, a glance

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haemoglobin of the cells is necessarily the substance from which

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Health can be bought by the rich, but it is those without large in-

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declared that the thoughts of men are known to God, and

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accessories, offered to the senior student passing the best bedside examina-

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When there is no disease, a Catalytic medicine may work

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are on the market. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is the only one I

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* Head before the Annoal Meeting of the British MedicM Anociation at Sheffield,

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trocar entering unexpectedly. When the teeth are all sound, some surgeons

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•5506 Transvaal. Geological survey. Report for 1903.

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operation, five patients from sixteen to twenty-four

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bumen in the urine, varying in amount with the degree

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nent membership. He shares with Dr. J. W. Pruitt, of Arkansas,

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