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Apathy, Haller and Schultze. While Waldeyer, Kolliker, Cajal,

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towards our limits? No, as a condition precedent we must

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Colorado Springs, it has an annual mean temperature of 53°, or some

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the kidneys seem to have but one office, and that the depuration of the

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and chloroform, each 2 drachms ; alcohol 1 ounce. Mix:

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evacuations and immediate return of the peritonitis.

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ton wool, either pure or mixed with glycerine and rosewater. Thus applied it should

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Prof. Hartshorne remarks that cases of neuralgia, which will

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is exceedingly pernicious and sometimes gives rise to serious conse-

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first carefully washed out the rectum with cleansing

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and the lesson which many recent discoveries teach,

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the line of safety because in this locality there are

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of nitric acid (beginning with a drop, gradually increased to two of

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to the second type described by Boeck, as the nodules were definitely

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the thigh, the skin flaps retracted and the soft parts divided as ampu-

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and the value of the nitrogen and the phosphates in

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in one of the cases he was forced to amputate a thigh

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profession of this province than the Honorable William Hanna.

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room, be used, and the temperature gradually raised until in two

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of the optic nerve into the sub-dural space of the cra-

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I refused to make agents of Sears and Larrabee, that

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growth in large amounts of broth, and always succeeds in amounts of

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employment of this wonderful remedy in the condition above

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haemo»rhage follows. So fearful were the earlier occurrences

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art, who have neither science or literature to recommend