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wards gangrene, and that the state of extreme debility, to which the constant

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least recurrent irritation, such as movements of the bedclothes,

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stone-paved stalls, and from being kicked by another horse.

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Some of the reflexes elicitable from the cord isolated in this way in-

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the conjoined tendon and the external pillar. The "bossing"

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Crimea was undertaken, cholera was prevailing among the troops,

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post-mortem examination there was found a gastric ulcer

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relates that he showed it to the celebrated historical painter, Horace

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urine and liquid excreta to find their way between the

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kindest remedial gifts, so as to bring to us beauty, grace, attractiveness,

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the left side of the Spinal Column. As other abnormalities, the two

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Dr. Edington, Cape Colony, states that ho found in the blood of

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6.48 inches. The heaviest fall was 1.33 inches on the 15th. The

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that WQ are approaching a time when the physician will not only be able exactly

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show simultaneous tracings of the apex beat and radial pulse.

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man. It has shown no tendency that we could ascertain to spread

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Yet the detail was really necessary, for if, under the new

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(1915). The difference is that the above authors used aluminum hydroxid to

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tightly were the muscles contracted and so rigid was the whole mass,

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writers, the disease terminated by crisis in 5,397, or 53 . 1 per cent. The day

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troubles which he may develop later in life, tlie pro-

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rest in bed is necessary. A hot plastic dressing should be

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as the ligaments there are less tense. The beginner is seldom success-

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she be asked to call? All permanent disabilities should be noted.

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vasated blood forms a thin layer of clot over the hemisphere, sometimtj

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amount, a piece of Scotch outing flannel is used. This cloth, weigh-

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shot. The lesions are generally most numerous on the forehead, cheeks, neck,