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therefore a guarded prognosis must be givan: and though the disease, except
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The pylorus has always been considered the most favorite seat for
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16 Two Successful Cases of Secondary Suture, One of the P»
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steadily and well, and the swelling in the epiglottis and neighboring
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It has been about one hundred years since William Jen-
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scattered over the tongue and lining membrane of the
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the shoulder muscles, as well as the subclavius, serratus magnus, levator anguli, rhom-
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of the offending bacilli are injected intraperitoneally into a guinea-pig. Failure
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methods accompanying the perfection of the microscope,
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eclecticism. Time will not permit me to define these different terms,
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congratulate Dr Murchison on tlic honour conferred on him ; but we
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body after death ; within the cranium the arachnoid jvas thickened,
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opaque spots, which are of such frequent occurrence upon the sur-
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vities, between lofty peaks on the one side, and dark ravines on the
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Virginia ; " The Relation of the Nerve System to Reparative Surgery,"
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mouth improved from the first, and she seemed to be doing well until
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that of the starvation period. The author thinks that there can never
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tabes and paresis have shown a rapid decrease in pleocytosis and a
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the advertising circulars issued by the traveling doctor.
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Oct. 1st. — Rests better at night; pulse 100, and respiration 24;
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very perplexing. A few years ago I reported a case to the Louisville
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treatment by the oil, showed a most remarkable increase of
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treated him as best thev coiiUl with domestic remedies, such as
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the breathing easy; the pulse regular and small; the coun-
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Administration Hospitals and local medical schools, but he also