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disease which follow in influenza, will be made out by care-

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and is usually found in them in large nvmabers, adhering to the mncoos

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tion, the irritability of the system is often greatly increased, the maniacal

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the Institution. Prof. Curtis finished his labors in Boston, aban-

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the People’s Health Care Parliament in September, where the

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noideus lateralis, crico-arytamoideus pjosticus, arytamoideus transversus,

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There seems to have been an unusually large amount of sickness in Nicollet

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ilization, of great discoveries and inventions, of unparalleled pro-

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thing this analysis of cases will show, it is the importance of co-ordinat-

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remark applies to two, at any rate, of Mtiller's " other important

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period. During the next century numerous epidemic outbreaks, more or less

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to have been " of a cartilaginous texture as if beginning to ossify."

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The Arrangement and Distribution of the Nerves in certain

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and disgust to many, has proved a sovereign remedy to me."

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which does not exceed 200° F. We have found all motion, except the Brownian,

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but less active against other forms of bacteria. The anytols of

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seat of pain that speculation is futile. It always seems to me that the

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making due allowance for the stretched integuments, I kept

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was but one gentleman pre>ent who agreed with him :

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handled. The important subject of gonorrhoea, however, is

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in the absence of all localization, and ignorance of

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hard, and enlarged, as if bursting with its contents. The

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made of the abdominal contents and any pathological condition found

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Jas. Ajtken Meigs, M. D. (Philadelphia, Pa.), Prof, of the

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of jjrofessional pretension and forbids the use of unworthy

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already given, we would ask such further help as they may be

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men and women where the disease is prevalent, and persons

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usually a preponderance of motor symptoms on* one and sensory

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diaphoretic, and in some cases diuretic. They are used

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Diagnosis. — The eyes should be invariably examined for

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vagina), Atrophic vaginitis, Psychological causes (espe-

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was of great importance, since the fluid, when sprayed on

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Under nitrous oxide anaesthesia a small opening was made just to outer side of

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and open vessels for absorption, the less danger you have

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pounded prescription. Out of the fifty requests sent out, I received thirty-seven

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Protracted births. Long periods of gestation. — The questions connected

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contain more than 10,000 bacteria per cubic centimeter, and should

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than an equal amount of cold water, and for the simple reason

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was stretched lightly and two ounces of foul pus escaped. The patient's