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gate the most foul and loathsome of all diseases —
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It is usual to consider bacillary dysentery as a self-limited disease,
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on the ]9tD of <» February from a species of endurcissement of the skin.
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is dry. I,et it face the south or east, if possible, so as to have
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gical Journal, from which we quote. They are significant, though
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the bare necessities of life. Clothing must not only be warm and
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be alleged that one living child has been substituted for another, the proot o\
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intensity, but still continued, and gave the sensation usually the eflTect of
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down iu four hours to 98°-8 ; but it soon began to rise again, and
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area, but the parts more likely to be affected by recur-
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portions of the renal parenchyma will usually come off when the capsule
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1896 Abeahams, Beetram Louis, M.B., B.Sc, 14, Welbeck Street, \V. Trans.
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can it be accounted for that such good public Iiealth can exist
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injection of strong stimulants, as nitrate of silver or corrosive
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make evident the manner in which this sacred trust has been
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railway line to ]\[onastir, and suffered severely from frequent
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4. A Discussion on Visual Tests. H. Caley, E. Landolt,
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honey, or with verdigris and boiled honey, or with fried sheep's dung bruised with
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* The nucleus of this paper was read before the Neurological Section of the
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because their early symptoms are slight, only the countenance and
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time the temperature rose several degrees in the axilla, and
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were used 221 times, or nearly in the proportion of 1 to 271.
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On Anatomy, Human and Comparative ........By Da. Lewis.
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is undesirable, not only because coaptation to the skin
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HCl solution (free from protein) of a pH of about 3.0, both solu-
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subjects. But if he came up to the College of Physicians in
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Ihiiiimoiul will show a male patient with traumatic hysteria
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was to be applied. In many cases it was possible to get good