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nucleus in the centre. Between them lay scattered particles,
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theria was known, revealed the presence of virulent
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adrenals, spreads to the cortex. To compensate for the loss of chromaffin
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be quick or frequent, by the lancet; if sluggish, by cups or
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for a distance of three or four inches on either side of the wound and
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lessening inflammation, and for the stimulation of restorative
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removed, the water then facilitates the outflow of the liquid
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toneal cavity, we evacuated the contents by the vaginal
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Mercury is, to say the least, superfluous. The success of treatment with-
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stigmata lie in the anterolateral corners of this quadrilateral area,
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proving too much. I do not know that the eruption peculiar to small-pox,
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more on a sensation of oppression, a feeling of un-
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The patient, a woman, thirty-two years of age, nullipara,
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creased, arterial tension is raised, smaller blood-vessels are contracted,
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1 Lubarsch and Ostertag, Ergebnisse der allgem. Path., 1904, viii, 588.
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The last three papers will be discussed together. Discussion
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The second rib, again, is very thoroughly and largely