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— 0.0648 — has been taken), followed by a Seidlitz powder or Rochelle
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and circular muscular fibers, usually inducing spasmodic constipation,
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"Surgery of the Mouth in Children," Dr. L. M. S. Miner.
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In very delicate or feeble children suffering from enuresis I substitute
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percussion-note there is a sense of increased resistance. There is gen-
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of its constituents, conjoined with more or less edema of the tissues.
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murmur, and, in the higher grades, bronchial breathing, with liquid bub-
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nervous symptoms are present. These consist of Aveakness of the lower
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much can be said, as its purpose was not such, But as a recreation com-
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afford ground for suspicion, and hence should lead in every instance to
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Chronic. — (a) Feeal Impaction. — Intestinal Concretions. — Accumula-
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doses of calomel (gr. ^2" ^o -ro) t'^vice or thrice a day.
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15 to 20 drops of water, twice a week. Calomel probably holds sec-
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ation is complete, dilatation beyond the seat of the latter may ensue.
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paralysis, be changed to epidemic myelitis or epidemic myeloen-
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that give rise to the so-called "gastric fever." The term ^'■crapulous
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and belladonna. From all of the clinical testimony at hand I feel con-
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the fact that the disease is sometimes caused by other organisms.
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there are always pigmentary changes, certain parts being darker than
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there is a concomitant dilatation the walls may appear thinned, while
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excite no surprise. As in mitral stenosis, so in tricuspid, sex is a po-
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obstruction to the portal vessels or bile-ducts or of other evidences of
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when needed whiskey or gin (diluted) is to be preferred. Most wines,
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particularly in adults. Among other bacteria that have been found
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quent pathologic event. In old cases calcification of the diseased struc-
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Symptoms. — The symptoms are {a) local and {h) general.
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distinct. Thus, in children and in advanced life (before 15 and after
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sometimes uremic diarrhea may be associated. The irritant action of the
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opium as the most efficient measure in the treatment of this disease
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choice be made of nutrient preparations. In addition to the substances
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very prompt action of this agent is desired. Several preparations are
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and to the right of the normal apex, a limited superficial area will be
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or dropped beat. This occurs at irregular intervals in most of the cases,
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feces. The former are oval- shaped, about 0.05 mm. (^-^ inch) in
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than before, the voiding of the urine. Especially is this true when there
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their most sincere interest in this campaign, and wish for them all
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excess of carbohydrate. The total quantity discharged daily
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lumho-ahdominal neuralgia is not so difficult. The differentiation of the
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when out of doors and not to sit in drafts, as neglect of these precautions
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(first dissolved in alcohol) in oil or glycerin. He applies the same to
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opment of small abscesses, and the trabeculae surrounding the latter
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Delafield, this is the chronic productive {or diffuse) nephritis with exu-
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tism are employed : (a) Omodynia (myalgia of the deltoid) ; {b) Dorso-
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Appendix when a concretion invades its lumen and forms a nidus
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should be first examined for rickets, and then the gums should be inves-